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Remortgage Searches Hit A Record High In March 2023

The cost of living crisis and the increasing interest rates have caused a lot of uncertainty for home owners looking to reduce their monthly outgoings by adding credit card and loan debt to the mortgage in the hope of saving money on a monthly basis.

Mortgage brokers here at A Little Mortgage Advice have access to every UK Lender and we are  reaching out to more of these than ever before to help our customers get the best interest rate and lowest monthly payments possible to fit with their individual circumstances.

Our Specialist Mortgage Brokers are getting the biggest demand for help because people are running up credit card bills, taking out loans to keep up with the rising cost of living, but can’t keep up with the repayments and find themselves looking for a mortgage with bad credit, because they have missed payments, cant get a mortgage because of defaults, their income isnt enough to get the mortgage they need etc.

If you are looking for help remortgaging, are confused about what to do, A Little Mortgage Advice, Mortgage Advisors are friendly and patient and have been trained to listen to what is going on for you, what you would like to get from your mortgage, or remortgage, are you looking to pay your mortgage off quicker, reduce the term of your mortgage, or are you looking to just get through this mortgage interest rate crisis? do you need to stretch the term of your mortgage to lower your monthly repayments?

There are so many variations of circumstances that we can help you with, it is unusual that we cant help someone, but if for any reason we cant help you, we can tell you what you need to do, and what options there are available.