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Bad Credit Mortgages

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If you have less than perfect credit, obtaining a mortgage can be challenging. However, it’s not impossible. There are lenders who specialise in bad credit mortgages (otherwise known as subprime or adverse mortgages), and they may be able to help you achieve your dream of home ownership. We are experienced bad credit mortgage brokers, and we bring a wealth of knowledge of adverse lending to the table. Best of all? If we can’t help you, it won’t cost you a penny!

When it comes to getting a mortgage, bad credit doesn’t have to be a barrier. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Bad Credit

County Court Judgements (CCJs)
Missed/Late Payments
Debt Management Plan (DMP)
Too many hard searches 
Excessive borrowing/large amount of debt
An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
Debt Relief Order (DRO)

If you answer yes to any of the above you may think that it is not possible to be accepted on a mortgage application.

But with A Little Mortgage Advice we can help find you a mortgage to fit your circumstances.

How We Can Help

As a specialist independent mortgage advisor we work with lenders who specialise in bad credit mortgages.

There are a wide range of specialist lenders with specific eligibility criteria who may suit your circumstances.

Our team at A Little Mortgage Advice will discuss your situation and advise you on the best solution for you to proceed with a mortgage.

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What is a Bad Credit Mortgage?

A bad credit mortgage is what the name suggests: a mortgage for those with poor or limited credit history. Lenders consider such borrowers higher risk, so the interest rates and fees associated with bad credit mortgages are typically higher than those offered to borrowers with good credit. However, they provide an opportunity for people with lower credit scores to purchase a home when they want, rather than having to wait for their credit to improve.

Benefits of Securing Mortgages with Bad Credit

A bad credit mortgage provides an opportunity for those with low credit scores to become homeowners. We believe that everyone should have the right to buy their own home, and we’ll do our best to match you with an understanding lender.

Making timely payments on your mortgage can also improve your credit score over time, making it easier to refinance at a better rate or qualify for other kinds of loans in the future. So, pursuing a mortgage now is something that could have benefits both in the short and long term. Of course, we’ll discuss all of the pros and cons with you – taking your individual circumstances into account.

Why Choose Us?

Here at A Little Mortgage Advice, we are passionate about helping all kinds of people secure a mortgage that is right for them – including those with bad credit. We’re not here to judge you, and will simply work with the information you supply us with. We have direct access to every lender in the United Kingdom, including all subprime and adverse lenders. We speak with their underwriters regularly and have a great chance of getting you approved for a mortgage even if you have been turned down elsewhere.

Talk to Us Today

While bad credit mortgages may come with some challenges, they can be a great option for a number of people. To find out more about your options, please get in touch with us today. What if we don’t succeed in finding a deal for you? Well, you won’t have to pay us anything! So, there’s nothing to lose by working with us. Our friendly team are here to help you, so please don’t hesitate in giving us a call.


How can I improve my credit rating?

If you are trying to secure a mortgage, improving your credit score is a great idea. Paying your bills on time and staying out of your overdraft is a must, along with managing your available credit carefully. Close any inactive accounts and try to avoid applying for credit shortly before submitting your mortgage application. You should also be sure to remove any links to ex-partners or housemates/properties with poor credit scores.

We also recommend checking your credit report regularly to ensure that everything is up to date and accurate, working quickly to ensure that any errors are addressed.

How does a bad credit mortgage differ from other mortgages?

When someone with bad credit applies for a mortgage, they can expect the interest rates to be higher when compared to standard mortgages. You will most likely have to put down a larger deposit too, as you will be considered a higher risk by lenders.

However, there are benefits to securing a mortgage now rather than waiting. By paying a mortgage consistently for a few years, you can actually improve your credit score. So, you may be able to remortgage with a standard lender in the future. We’ll lay out what you can expect in the months and years to come with you.

What types of bad credit are there?

Bad credit is a broad term and can mean a variety of different things. If any of the following apply to you, then you may think that a mortgage is out of reach:

  • County Court Judgements (CCJs)
  • Defaults
  • Missed/Late Payments
  • Debt Management Plan (DMP)
  • Too many hard searches
  • Excessive borrowing/large amount of debt
  • An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
  • Debt Relief Order (DRO)
  • Bankruptcy

It can also go against you if you have never borrowed. We know this sounds counterintuitive, but lenders are looking for proof that you can pay back what you owe on time. Whatever your situation, we’re here to advise.

The Benefits of Working with a Mortgage Broker for Bad Credit Applicants